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Great life saving ideas through a good diet

by Therapy

posted in Health

A good diet simply means a combination of food that will help you keep fit. We all know that whatever we consume will finally get absorbed into our body, so we should plan and think before gobbling up any food. One small technique of analysing whether you are eating the right type of food is to look at your own body.

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The right type of food can make a noticeable difference in your skin tone, hair, nails etc. If your skin tends to look more refreshed, hair much thicker and glossier and nails are strong and well shaped and not brittle and broken at the sides, then your food diet is just right. Otherwise you will have to rethink your diet all over again.

We were all taught about good food and their vitamins in primary classes. In today’s fast and hectic world, we spent a lot of time meeting friends and also spending a lot of money on cosmetics, checkups and surgeries etc. If you were to follow a good diet, it would use up only half of your money! A basic diet is as follows- For vegetarians: one portion of starch, two portions of vegetables, some dairy based curry, some fresh salad. For non vegetarians: onr portion of starch, one portion of meat or fish, one portion of vegetables, some dairy based curry and some fresh salad. A plan for the whole week can be made and this week could include a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, salads, curries, starch. Starch means rice or wheat, oats, ragi based chapattis.

Then there is a wide variety of vegetables to choose from like spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, brinjals, gourds etc. The same is the case with a variety of fish, poultry and meat.  We should include dairy based products in our diet as they are a very good source of Vitamin A. This would include curd, milk, paneer etc. For those allergic to dairy, can switch on to soy milk, tofu etc. All vegetables have vibrant lively colours and if they are absorbed into our body, imagine the goodness our body would get. Spinach, pumpkin are all rich in Vitamin A and this is essential for our hair, skin etc. Carrots, Watermelons and tomatoes are best when eaten raw and they have immense capacity to protect our body from sunburns, excess dryness in our body etc. Apart from all this, we should take in 8-10 glasses of water. In summer season, the quantity of liquids can increase in the form of water, juices etc. Orange juice, grape juices are all very beneficial for this purpose as they help restore the moisture content in our body.

Dehydration is a very serious problem faced today because of the heat. By drinking these cooling juices, you can keep dehydration problems at bay. One of the best foods is seafood like mackerels, sardines, kingfish, snappers, salmon, oysters, tuna etc. Fatty fish are especially good for us as they contain Omega 3 fats. These fats are good for eyes, skin hair. Fish have contents of fats and minerals. These fats won’t increase your cholesterol as your body needs this fat. It is much better fresh fish than to eat omega 3 fat enriched capsules.  Vegetarians can also indulge into good sources of Omega6 fats like nuts  like peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts etc . Oils like sunflower, coconut, rice bran oils also have vitamins like E, B etc. Once in a way, it is ok to use processed foods when you are busy. Processed foods have been devoid of their vitamins, minerals etc. They contain excess of salts, fats, preservatives and other tastemakers. So why should we consume these unwanted items unnecessarily? Natural foods have 10 times more vitamins and minerals than the processed foods. Apart from a good diet, we should ensure systematic meals. It is true we should healthy meals but along with that we should help and give time to our body system to digest and absorb the nutrients of the food we have eaten. So, eat at fixed timings. Don’t encourage the habit of snacks or irregular meals. It upsets our body system and hence leading irregular bowel movements, constipation etc. Set timings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By following this, you can be 100% sure that you will have better eyesight, youthful skin, healthy hair, strong nails, healthy internal organs like a healthier brain, lesser respiratory problems, excretory problems, skin problems  and so on.

Once you have a healthy body, your personality, looks and confidence level also changes. It keeps you safe from many diseases like cancer, diabetes, pressure, influenza, constant fever, any deficiency etc. So don’t underestimate the simple foods that God has given us, appreciate them, make them a part of your life and then see the wonders they can do to your body.


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