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Self-Massage Techniques for Neck & Shoulders

by Ukokeha

posted in Health

You are busy with tons of stressful jobs and looking for a convenient way to relax. Then, this article may satisfy you well. While going to spas or health centers requires a large budget of money, self-massage techniques are not only efficient, but also cheap and you could do them everywhere.

Actually, self-massage brings the plenty of ultimate benefits to people. It provides a wonderful way to make you feel relax and comfortable. However, not many people know the proper ways to apply these techniques. That’s the reason why we are here today to show you simple tricks to succeed in this field. It is so simple and you don’t have to use much effort or rub tightly hands. All you have to do is deeply concentrating on your pressure points methodically. Follow our suggestions below.

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Technique 1

Here is one of the most popular ways that many people apply at work. It is considered to be an effective method in relieving muscle stiffness. Firstly place your right hands on the chest and put the palm hand on left shoulder. Then, put the fingers on your back and press your thumb on tight muscles. Slightly turn your head and neck. After that, remain your hands at one place. Use the fingertips to press tight knots on your back. It is time for you to swing your left shoulder. Similarly apply in the right side.

Technique 2

Make your head back, then use fingers and palms to squeeze areas around your neck. Turn your head upright and start doing deep massage techniques. You must use your small fingers to make circular pressures on your neck, not the spine. The left hand will be responsible for squeezing tight muscles. Repeat with the opposite side. Use left hands to massage your right shoulder and right hands to massage left shoulders. This movement helps provide oxygen to different parts of your body.

Technique 3

If you prefer the simplicity, this technique is an ideal option. In this method, you should put your hands under the collar bone. Use gentle pressure to treat tight muscles on your shoulder. In this case, you will need the support from a tool belt to lift your arm up and down. Apply within the period time of 5 to 7 minutes.

Technique 4

There is no difficulty in doing this massage method. Put your palm on the neck back. Then, squeeze your neck in a slight and gentle way. It is necessary to turn your head in the opposite side. Turn it back to the center. Remember to conduct this intelligent technique with the enough pressure, not too strong or too weak. As a result, you will feel pleasant when doing this massage technique everywhere you want.

In conclusion, each type of technique has specific roles in helping people overcome pressure and pains. By following these techniques, you could have fantastic moments of alleviating tension in your muscles. If you care about the general health of your loved ones, top 4 techniques above are completely for you.

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