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Therapeutic Massage and Tension Headaches

by Ukokeha

posted in Health

All of us suffer from tension headaches that are caused due to various reasons, which are characterized by excruciating pain in the head, eyes, and neck and shoulder regions of the body. Intensity of these headaches can often reach a level that disables us from functioning properly. Under these circumstances, most of us take some kind of medication to subside the pain, while totally ignoring the question of whether such medications are actually effective. While most of the times medications help in alleviating the pain temporarily, these headaches almost always return.

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The simplest and yet an effective way to reduce the occurrence of such tension headaches is through the use of therapeutic massage, which actually works on the muscles of the various aching parts and reduces the tension in those areas. Massage therapy is well known for its benefits related to pain relief and has been used by many people since ages for relieving chronic pain. In addition, it is important to add that therapeutic massage actually helps in enhancing focus and attention of the person while reducing the stress and tension.

Given the myriad benefits of therapeutic massage in general, it is obvious that it will have remarkable effects in curing tension headaches. The most commonly used therapeutic massage therapies in curing tension headaches are Shiatsu massage, Trager approach and Trigger point therapy.

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapy where pressure is applied on the acupuncture points by using the thumb, fingers and palm of our hands, which help alleviate headache. The Trager approach, on the other hand, actually uses massage to stretch the joints and muscles in the body. The stretching of these areas helps reduce the pain in the head, thereby enabling relaxation of the body and alleviating tension headache.

Trigger point therapy is another very commonly used massage therapy where equal pressure is applied at various points along the spine, right from the base of the skull to the mid of the back as well as those running to the sides of the neck. This massage helps in reorienting the muscles and enabling them to adopt healthy positions, which in turn helps in reducing the pain.

If you too are finding it difficult to bear the excruciating pain of tension headaches, try using therapeutic massage to get relief.

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