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Tips: before buying a baby swing

by Ukokeha

posted in Tips

There are now countless models and brands of baby swings, some more practical than others, some more expensive than others, but before you ask how much, pay attention to this guide to buying the best baby swing the market today. The idea is that you can make a comparison and choose a good one and you achieve the same economic time.

Before buying a baby swing: PREVIOUS TIPS

The infant swings, also known as baby swing, can be very useful, especially in the first months of life of the small, as it is to soothe or distract your baby while doing other tasks such as showering or eating.

Choosing a baby swing never should be done carelessly, it is precisely for that reason it is so important to know the following tips to succeed in the election:

  • It is key that the swing count with a wide base to ensure its stability as well as being resistant, solid and firm
  • It is important to have a safety belt 5 points which in turn complies with current safety regulations
  • The seat must be comfortable, cushioned, while its structure should not contain protrusions or sharp items that can be easily detached.
  • It is recommended to choose a swing that can run either on batteries or electricity, to provide greater freedom and comfort
  • The swings that besides movement, provides sounds and lights are ideal to amuse and entertain the little house
  • If you are going to use the same on the outside it is key that has awning
  • Choosing a baby swing for wrong or wrong can get away expensive, so check before the baby swing is most suitable for your baby.


Many parents, especially first-timers, worry about choosing the best model of swing for children, and sometimes the choice can be difficult. Make sure the baby swing of your child is the most appropriate, bearing in mind the following basic characteristics:

Base: It is essential that any swing available a wide base that can guarantee good stability and strength to the product, in addition to center of gravity so that it cannot tip over.

  • Operation: In the market you can find various options according to their performance:
  • Battery operates using batteries. They offer more freedom but spend more money
  • Current: Work plugged into the power
  • Rope: They have a rope system that rocks the baby for a few minutes
  • Manual: Manually pushing operate smoothly
  • Seat: Swing for baby should have a comfortable, soft padded seat, provided proper posture. If the baby is not yet able to sustain alone the head, it is crucial that the same reclining position available.
  • Safety belt: It is recommended that the seat belt is 5 points to perfectly hold your baby, although a 3-point belt also fulfill their function.
  • Lights and sounds: The more distractions have, the more entertaining the baby swing will hold your baby in it, for it is recommended to have lights, sounds or melodies to accompany the rocking swing.
  • Multipurpose: There are swings put them offering trays, serving as chair to eat, or as table to draw.
  • Safety: It is vital that baby swing’s chosen meets current safety standards and contains the CE mark.

Most popular brands

The most popular brands among parents, those brands that lead the industry of baby swings are:

  • Fisher Price: This large manufacturer of toys and baby utensils brand offers products of exceptional quality. Fisher Price Swings provide color, design, safety, strength, and many other accessories such as music, sounds, etc.
  • I mundibebé: Another star is Mundibebé market brands, a brand that has achieved a strong position in the market thanks to its products with great value. It combines design, safety, durable and comfort.
  • Bright-Starts: This well-known American brand designs its products thinking of the welfare and entertainment of your baby. This brand seeks the full development of your child, for which provides safe, dynamic, comfortable and with lots of accessories swings.

Price range

  • Baby swings have prices that can be really interesting to pocket their parents, as there are really affordable alternatives, can find options from 60 Euros.
  • As is evident, the prices of these children's toys can be raised to 250 Euros. The cost depends on the brand, manufacturing materials and / accessories possessing it.
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