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Problems with memory foam mattress toppers

by Ukokeha

posted in Tips

Problems with memory foam mattress toppers

In this article, we provide you basic information of memory foam mattress, problems with it and the cleaning tips as well

First pad memory foam mattress can be a great addition to your bed. They fit your body while you sleep, relieve pressure points and is very comfortable. They can even help you sleep better. Because memory foam is becoming very popular, less expensive versions come, many of which are from China. Many of these cheaper versions come with problems, and there are some problems associated with the more expensive versions as well.

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Various problems

Be aware of bad chemical smells that will probably have with your new mattress. It takes several days to several weeks for this smell to disappear. Some people cannot sleep with the unpleasant smell and need to let the mattress air out for a few days before using. NASA actually developed memory foam, but astronauts do not want to use it because the pills do not air out the small spacecraft, airless.

Memory foam can be flammable because it is made of polyurethane. However, the law requires the memory foam to be fire-resistant. Because this product is synthetic and uses chemicals in their production, some people are reluctant to sleep in it. They prefer organic bedding.

Some people think memory foam mattresses are too expensive. However, if you go with the cheaper versions, you do not have as good product. The cheaper versions may be warmer, for example, because they are less likely to have breathable foam, which is most comfortable for you.

You may have a harder time turning around in bed or getting out of bed with a memory foam mattress. Because the mattress conforms to your body, you will not have the elasticity to serve with a mattress.

The cheapest mattress pads cannot be true to size and not fit properly on the mattress.

Make sure you are not putting a new memory foam topper on an old mattress, down. In order for the memory foam function properly and conform to your body, you need to put on a decent mattress.

If you're old, you get a new one, and memory foam should work fine.

If you have back problems, memory foam cannot be the kind of bedding for you. It works for some types of back pain, but not in others.

Memory foam mattress can be purchased as a mattress, memory foam top, or separately then placed on top of your existing mattress. Topper form of memory also comes in different thicknesses, from 1 inch to 4 inches. The thicker the memory foam, more support.

Unpacking the memory foam topper

Normally a memory foam pillow is packed in sucked plastic because of the size and thickness of the pad. E.g., a memory foam pad 5 inches thick is a little bit heavy so to fit into containers this should be done. When unpacking the memory foam, make sure that you are in a large area. Open the box then remove the pad. Break the corner and remove all plastic. The memory foam will inflate itself. Place the memory foam, either in bed intends to use it, or on the floor.

Bedding with memory foam

A memory foam pad comes with a removable, washable case. This is to protect the foam padding itself. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on installing your memory foam pad inside the box. You may need someone to help with this part. The placement of the pad on the case is similar to putting a pillow in a pillowcase. When the memory foam is inside the box, place it on top of your mattress. You do not need to buy any special cabinet’s sheets, because the platform must match your existing leaves. Make the bed, as usual. You can also choose to buy bras for the fitted sheet to fix the memory foam so it does not move from its place.

Keep clean memory foam

If the memory foam comes in they should protect against memory foam dirty. However, the case is not waterproof so you may want to consider a waterproof fitted sheet if ever any worries mattress wetting. Be sure to wash the case on a regular basis to keep it free of dirt. A good thing to do would be to wash the case every time you wash your bedding.

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