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Stroller: how to choose well?

by Ukokeha

posted in Tips

Often distinguishes stroller models depending on the age of the baby, even if many of them are now scalable. Combined, cane or umbrella, you will find the stroller for you! Choose a model adapted to the age of your baby.

Conventional strollers

The classic stroller (chassis + hammock) is suitable from birth provided the hammock stretches entirely. Your child will be placed in front of you, until it is large enough to enjoy his walks facing the road.

You can choose, if you wish, for a combined model 2 or 3-in-1, also called a "pack". Practice, it enables the attachment to the same frame of a nacelle and a shell, in addition to traditional hammock. The advantage: you have everything! The nacelle so pram for your baby to be installed as comfortable as possible, and also for the hull or the car seat for journeys by car.

The combined trio is also the preferred option for moms who are expecting their first child. Cons: the price and the fact that we sometimes use realizes that all elements were not indispensable. however, the Trio packs a lot of space and weighs quite heavy, which usually leads parents to buy later a stroller.

From 0 to 6 months: The platform solution

The platform is ideal for the newborn. This is a real cocoon, thanks to its extended position promotes good sleeping conditions. A necessity when one knows the baby needs to sleep 18-20 hours a day!

• Up to 9 months: solution Hull

From 3 months, your baby holds his/her own head. It can remain in a semi-sitting position in the stroller through the hull. The big plus: you can switch easily the car and the stroller without waking him/her. However, this position is not the best for long walks. For the comfort of your baby's growth, promote lying in its first month.

• Up to 3-4 years: the stroller certified birth

Alternatively, some parents prefer to buy a stroller approved birth, the hammock is completely tilted. Slight downside: it is much less comfortable as a pram with carrycot when the child is like a cocoon.

• From 6-9 months: the stroller

Compact, lightweight (+/- 5 kg) and easy to handle, the stroller gets its name from its appearance when folded. Some manufacturers advise models with reclining at 6 months, but it is better to wait for 9 or 12 months of the child. If your child is already bigger, choose a stroller with a multi-position hammock.

Most umbrella strollers fold a hand. Some of them are decorated with a strap to be carried on the shoulder. Perfect for those who want to avoid the effect of "tank", it is particularly convenient for parents who take public transportation or those who travel a lot.

The strollers have more and more options, making them more comfortable, but also more cumbersome and inevitably more expensive. Price may well vary from € 30 to over € 250 depending on the quality of the stroller. Choose a comfortable model with solid suspensions, large wheels (unless you live in a hostile urban environment!) And an adjustment at the leg rest.

The multiplace strollers

Have a child less than 3 years

Opt for a double stroller for children close in age. It can be online. In this case, the greater is installed at the front and at the rear the infant. The seat must of course be fully reclining.

The stroller can also be side by side. In this case, it is best that you can set a nacelle, a shell seat or hammock, tilt to the lying position, may be facing you to monitor your newborn.

Have a child aged 3 to 5 years

You can opt for a board (or walk) on wheels will set you on your stroller. There are also the "Buggy pod" an ingenious system of sidecar kind that clings to the stroller and thus offers additional seating.

You are expecting twins

Go for a special double stroller twins. It must be able to accommodate two shells, two nacelles or two fully reclining hammocks. Other combinations are also possible between the seat shell, the nacelle and the hammock. Note that some strollers can position facing infants.

Find the model that fits your lifestyle

You live in town or in the countryside? You often use your car or you spend your time in transit? Choose a design that fits your habits.

Rather city or countryside?

You will have a city rather use your stroller? Opt for a handy stroller, not too big nor too heavy, easy to fold and unfold. You will find more choice in the models four wheels in the three wheels. However, some three wheels can perfectly be used in town.

If you live in the countryside and you borrow a bit bumpy roads, you will require an all-terrain stroller. By purchasing, focus yourself on four points: suspensions, wheels, brake system and of course the comfort of the child.

By car or not?

This criterion may be interesting to consider when purchasing your stroller. Indeed, if you typically carry by car, boat or shell option will suit you. Caution, however, all the boats are not made to be installed on the rear-seat cars. The one you choose will be approved.

Please be aware that many countries prohibit the pod drive because they feel it does not offer enough security for newborns.

Finally, another important point: it takes a lot of space. For shorter trips, you can use a shell seat (up to 13 kg). Very practical, it can carry baby without waking him/her.

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